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Deesa Brown

My fiance got diagnosed with lung cancer last Wednesday 6/13. The tumor is on the right side. It is pushing close to his trachea making it hard to breathe. He is on oxygen. The tumor is inoperable. He is getting discharged tomorrow. He has had some radiation treatments. I'm glad he is alive.

Received: June 20, 2018

Mikel Martin

I would please like you guys to pray for my girlfriends grandmother, she has had multiple surgeries due to a heart attack that started in New York, and then they came back and she has an internal infection that has not gotten better and is life threatening. She goes in for surgery tomorrow to help clean it up but there is a chance she won’t make. Please just pray for her as I will too. Her name is Cherri Benson.

Received: June 19, 2018


Pray for a time of renewal and forgiveness for our family.

Received: June 18, 2018

Melissa Ghizoni

Prayers for my husband for guidance, strength, and courage as we transition to become a family of four and enter a new phase of life.

Received: June 17, 2018


Prayer request for our oldest son (17 years old) that moves back to CA on July 22nd. We pray that his walk with Jesus continue to strengthen and not decline. We pray that God protect him from the peer pressure and negative chaos that our teens are continually faced with. God please protect him and guide him.

Received: June 17, 2018

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